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Published widely, Smith's work has appeared
in numerous books & magazines.


“Richard Smith, creator of some of the most streamlined & refined work ever produced.” Graphics International
"Smith believes people buy into a 'package', an image, he says it's all about creating a myth." Creative Review
"Smith believes that no one can honestly claim to be immune to the lure of the latest logo or the chicest carrier bag, they are seduced every time." Time Out
New York
"Smith says it's not what you add that matters so much as what you leave out." Design Week
Time Out London
"Smith's creation was the 'most coveted accessory' in Paris." Evening Standard
“Smith has the approach & attitude to truly differentiate a companies brand on a global scale.” Print
“Richard Smith creates seductive, sumptuous objects, that are absolutely fabulous.”The Guardian
"Smith's latest work, which expressed a new style, tougher & more serious, clearly improved the 'brands' image." Photo/Design
"His work is so effective, it's almost worth converting for." Elle


"The reader interprets a work according to their own cultural baggage, says Smith." Paper Works
Typo Graphics 3
"At the end of the day, it's all about aspiration & fantasy, says Smith." Wear Me
Digital Graphic Design
Letterheads & Business
"Richard Smith's work has the positive quality of being completely unique." Experimental Formats
Designed by Peter Saville
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